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Land for sale in Belize | 1 acre of Beach-Front property

BZ$180,000.00  US$90,000.00

1 acre of Beach-Front property

This land for sale in Belize consitsts of 1 acre of Beach-Front property is located in Sarteneja Village, on the East Coast of Corozal Belize C.A. It is a sandy paradise consisting of some fruited trees, palms, pines and Mangroves. It has access of cellular service and internet service using both local Smart and Digicell Mobile Networks. The Sea Front an emerald green color, of the Sarteneja Corozal Bay is made up of solid Sand beds. Water depth near sea shore is approximately 3 feet in depth on a normal sea tide. The area is unique in its entirety and allows for the making of dreams and desires into reality.

BZ$180,000.00  US$90,000.00

Land for sale in Corozal Belize-More Info

It is remote from the community and once was declared a reserve due to the area which is close to the West Indies manatee habitat. Buy this Property and enjoy double pleasures of fun in the sun and live life under heaven. Or owner is willing to trade property

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