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$150K USD OR 300K BZ


It is a 1 story, 3-bedroom, 2 full bathroom fully concrete home with living room and open kitchen. Available for Sale and is awaiting its New Owner. Buy now at this early bird special price. The home is about 1400 square feet of living space plus the outside space of an 8ft. Veranda that is on the East & north side of building and an additional wooden structure which is used as a storage room. You just buy your own furniture and appliances from one of the many local suppliers. The lot is approximately 50 feet x 90 feet, this property is located in the village area on the South end of the Placencia Peninsula Standard amenities include electric, tap water,

Placencia Village was a small fishing village and as the years past in the early 90’s it started to get more international visitors due to its natural beauty and the white sandy beaches along the coastline. At present It is now one of Belize’s major tourism destination and has been rapidly developed with resorts/ condominiums, restaurants, many gift shops, small boutique hotels, and tours company. The 2nd largest reef in the world is only 19 miles off shore. Imagine every day deciding if you want to scuba, snorkel, deep sea fish, fly fish, or just relax on one of the many reef islands. Placencia is also only a 30-minute drive to the Mayan Rainforest. You can explore hiking trails, jungle waterfalls, animal preserves and more. Placencia is paradise.

150K Or 300K BZ

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